Hot & Sweaty

I have recently started a Hot Yoga practice. Six years ago, I started my practice in a yoga studio to meet people and get out of the house. After going to the same studio for about one year, I started working full-time and I found it difficult to incorporate my yoga practice into my daily routine. At the time, I was working with a business coach (since I wanted to get my biz started); she recommended that I get a DVD set and do yoga at home. What a fabulous idea – I thought! In the comfort in of my living room, anytime I wanted, I did yoga. Yet, one thing was missing…. The people and the connection.

After a quiet meditation in Shavasana pose, I realized that I missed the energy in the room of people with a common goal. One month ago, my friend invited me to her yoga class and I knew it was time to return to a studio. I bought the special they offered (not knowing it was Hot Yoga) and I was committed to 20 classes. When I walked into the studio, it felt like a sauna. Turning to my friend, I gasped and exclaimed: “This is Hot Yoga?!” Her reply: “Oh yeah, didn’t I tell you?”, laughing.

What I discovered in a span of 90 minutes is that I loved and hated Hot Yoga! It is definitely very different from any other yoga that I have practiced. Since I was well versed in many of the positions and quick flexible, I found the poses, relatively easy. Add to the mix, the heat, holding, sweating, cursing under your breath, the love/hate relationship, the sweat dripping in your eyes, the breathing and you’re golden! I have also found that over time, each pose got easier, my body moved in ways I didn’t realize it would and to always be gentle with yourself. Your body will tell you when it is ready to make its move into the full pose.

I challenge or shall I say, invite you to change up your routine – just a bit. Whatever it is that you do to keep your body, mind and soul healthy, challenge yourself to the next level.

Today, I am on day 8 of 20 and today, I love my Hot Yoga teacher!

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The Last 10 Pounds

Shedding the last 10 pounds can be dreadful! Here are 3 great tips and tools to eliminating those last few pounds and how to not obsess about your weight.

#1 – Lose the scale, hide it, smash it, get rid of it! This may seem counter-intuitive yet believe me it works. When you are not weighing yourself each day, you tend to focus on other items rather than your weight. Sub-consciously if you are jumping on the scale every day, every week, you are obsessing on losing the weight thus making it almost impossible to shed it. Occupy your thoughts with eating well, exercising, and positive affirmations such as: “I am healthy, I am active, I am in great, optimal health”. You will soon find that as your health improves, your whole life improves including your gut instincts, your Voodoo power. Let your clothes be the judge. If your favourite jeans fit you, then you’re golden! If your dress pants are too tight, then shed a few pounds.

#2 – Exercise at least three to five times a week and mix it up! Exercise has so many benefits to creating a better you. It has been proven to can reduce cancers such as colon by 30-50% regardless of your genetic make up. By mixing up your exercise routine, you tend to not get bored and you stay motivated to exercise on. Try strength training to increase muscle mass; aerobic type of exercise such as jogging, cycling, tennis, or walking to increase your cardiovascular health; and incorporate flexibility in the form of yoga or Pilates to reduce injuries. Allow your Voodoo power to guide you on the type of exercise your body needs for that day or week. Also remember, to Not beat yourself up if one week you didn’t reach your exercise goal. The key is to remain as consistent as possible and forgiving when necessary. So go put on your track gear and run your little heart out.

#3 – Eat your fruit and veggies, even the kale and brussel sprouts! On average, you should be eating 7-13 servings a day of a rainbow of colours of fruits and veggies. I am certain that you are not. If you are an athlete, those portions increase to 16-18 servings a day, every single day! How many of you are eating all of those fruit and veggies? I know for myself as a vegetarian, I even find it a challenge to eat those servings every day. Plant based nutrition has been proven to reduce oxidative stress that cause major chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer, arthritis and the list goes on. An average of 8+ fruit and veggies a day will lower your chances of having a heart attack by 22% so why not grab that apple rather than a donut. I invite you to allow your gut (figuratively and intuitively) to guide your food choices in order to help you shed those dreaded last pounds.

Bottom line boys, exercise combined with a diet rich in plant based nutrition found in fruit and veggies are key to successfully remaining in optimal, whole health. Live on and Juice+!

Check out this short video from Dr. David Phillips who speaks on the benefits of incorporating fruit and veggies in your diet to improve your performance.
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What is Your Superpower?

What is your Superpower? Do you have a bit of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man or Wolverine in you? Have you ever wondered how you can flex your intuitive muscle? Many of you have different types of superpowers yet have you ever thought of your intuition as one? All of these superheros have an intuitive muscle they use all the time. Intuition doesn’t only belong to women – so guys, flex those muscles and discover your inner Superhero Icon! In the Best Selling book: “Voodoo Shit for Men, Flex Your Intuitive Muscle”, or by working one-on-one with Michèle, you can easily discover what is yours.

Through clients’ stories, my three sons’ perspective and my husband’s transformation, I have been able to develop a language in which you, the men can understand intuition and how it can work to your advantage in your business and personal life. By using Superhero analogies and a toolbox, I have explained how your gut instincts work, how you receive your guidance through your spidey-senses, your inner Voodoo power. There are four (4) major “clairs” that I term in which your intuition communicates to you each and every day.

Some of you may doubt the information that you are gathering and I don’t doubt that you will doubt. Have no fear; I provide tips, tools and exercises that can be integrated into your daily life so you can fine-tune those intuitive muscles. The book “Voodoo Shit for Men” or a private session with Michèle, is your gym! Refer to it often, re-read certain chapters, use the journal notes to your advantage and most important try every exercise.

Please join me in a four (4) month commitment in the “Flex Gym” so you can discover your Superpower today that will influence and change your live forever! Book your session today by emailing me at voodooshitformen@gmail.com and receive a free copy of the Best Selling book, “Voodoo Shit for Men, Flex Your Intuitive Muscle.”

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Women of Influence Speaker Series

WOI poster-corrected

Come join us for an evening of inspiration, networking, fun and books. Julie Salisbury, CEO and founder of Influence Publishing will MC the event. #inspiration #womenrule #networking #fun #books #menruletoo #influence #VSFM

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Do It With a #Hashtag À la Jimmy & Justin

The first time I heard the word #hashtag, I responded: “What, you mean number sign, right?” “No mom, I mean #hashtag!” replied my youngest son. So off to the computer I go to search this new word. These are some of my findings: found most often in blogging, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; acts as a search engine of some type where what you have “#hashtaged” will return and be linked to subject. In the world of Twitter, the #hashtag will appear in trending topics. In other settings, #hashtags can create humour, a buzz around a subject or express other meanings.

So in this day of advanced technology, my gut instincts are telling me to embrace this newfound word that has been entered in the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014 due to its popularity. Like many of you my age or older, we are not quite certain exactly how to use this #hashtag. I have decided to start playing around with it and noticing what others are #hashtagging. Check your social media feeds from Facebook or Twitter and see what your friends are doing with their #hashtags. Click on a #hashtag and follow its trail. All trails lead to something to be discovered. Have fun with #hashtags, use them to express yourself and make up new ones.

I have found this wonderfully funny video to help you decipher the message behind the #hashtag, hope you enjoy it! #VSFM, #Voodoopower, #intuition, #gutinstincts, #technologyisfun, #toomany, #notenough, #rightisthecorrectamount, #what, #LOL, #jimmyfallon, #justintimberlake

Keeping Up With the Joneses is All About Perception


So many of us don’t know any better when it comes to “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Why are we so plagued in always comparing ourselves to others? Why do we need the newest device, car, suit, house, watch, etc. when we barely have two cents to rub together, let alone a retirement savings and owe a shit load in debt?

I have seen this very notion of “Keeping up with the Joneses in a few clients this past year and some are living outside of their means. Why do they persist on increasing their debt? Why are they not saving for their future – their retirement? One client in particular answered: “Well, I am living in the present, who knows what will happen tomorrow and if I will be here to enjoy it all.” Perhaps, he is, yet he is not safeguarding himself for the future and his well-being.

Many of our present actions will affect our future either negatively or positively. When it comes to finances, it is imperative to ensure that your logical mind is active and you are also flexing your intuitive muscle. There needs to be a balance between present day spending and future saving. So how can this relate to you flexing your intuitive muscle? Very easily as many of the financial mistakes and oversights that are occurring now are most likely rooted in a past relationship with money or an emotional bond to feeling as though you will not have enough. Then again maybe it is all about the perception.

I had been working with a man in his early forties this past year that struggled financially. He came from a family he described as middle class until his dad lost his job. Afterwards, the family’s finances drastically changed, forcing my client at a very young age to find a job to help support his brothers and sisters. He had had dreams of attending university to become an accountant. A little ironic, don’t you think? I thought so. As his other siblings became old enough to work, they did too. Eventually, his father found employment, which allowed my client to concentrate on his studies and to save his earnings for his post-secondary education. He did manage to attend a local university and became an accountant.

What troubled him the most was his inability to save money now that he was making “The Big Bucks”. He owns his firm, has approximately 6 staff members and is thinking of expanding his firm to a different city, yet he has no retirement savings. How can this be, I recall questioning him in a session. His answer was silence. He had no answer. He knew he should have a retirement savings, he knew he should stop living outside of his means, he knew he should not spend so much money on outings, drinks and dinners. He confessed that consciously he knew he needed to cut back his spending but sub-consciously he felt his mind tell him if he didn’t spend his money, he’d lose it.

So he agreed to a few sessions of Reiki. Reiki is a natural and ancient technique using healing, universal life force energy to help clear toxins, negativity, stagnancy, blockages that steam from the emotional, spiritual, physical, mental or even energetic bodies. During a Reiki treatment, I as the practitioner will evaluate using my spidey senses, my gut instincts, my X-ray vision, my bionic ears, and my intuition to what is going on in his body. I will sense with my hands where I need to focus the Reiki energy to allow your healing to take place. What I noticed with this client was that his perception was way off the mark. As a movie reel ran through his mind, I “picked up” his thoughts of how he measured his worth by comparing himself to others. He needed to have the most expensive shoes, wardrobe and car. He needed to spend the most money when out with his friends. The end result was massive amounts of debt. I could easily sense this in the lower part of his legs. I felt a huge drop, a hole. Later on, he confirmed his debt following the Reiki treatment.

I wanted my client’s perception of everyone else and of himself to change. I wanted him to stop comparing himself to others, as he did not know the extent of their financial situations. He decided it was time to look at his life differently and started recording three to five items that he was grateful for during the day. I advised him to concentrate on the many “gifts” he already had or was receiving through the week in order to bring awareness to the good and positive. I specifically asked my client to focus on material goods that he possessed and to record why he was grateful for them. For example, his brand new shiny car because it transported him to work every day and was in pristine condition. He found this task quite easy to incorporate into his day. Furthermore, I asked him to take note of non-material items he was grateful for. These might include time spent playing with his children. Once again, he found this task effortless and simple.

Over time, I noticed his sessions were more about the positive aspects around his financial situation then the lack of it. As he began to appreciate the many things he had in his life, the easier it was for him to save money. His perception of what money could “buy” or bring into his life also changed.

Eventually, his spending became under control, he started paying off some of his debt and he automatically started savings for himself. He realizes that even the perceived wealthiest people can also have debt and not everyone is a Jones.

Why be Ordinary – Strive to be Extraordinary!

Be the unique man you are meant to be and start with your necktie. There are so many men out there who always wear their necktie in the same knot as everyone else. Why not be different. Show your stripes, your colours, allow your instincts to take hold and tie a unique and extraordinary necktie.

My favourite knot is the Eldredge. My oldest son, Ross tried this knot for his prom and graduation that just passed. Let me tell you, the boy got noticed! He received more compliments on his necktie than some of the girls received on their dresses. He knew he wanted a difference knot for his necktie that was visually appealing, different, and extraordinary! He took time to practice in the mirror days ahead of time while following the you-tube video (I have attached the link for you too). In the end, Ross made an impression with everyone around him.

How does this relate to your Voodoo power, your gut instincts, your spidey-senses, you ask? Simply put, everyone will notice your uniqueness in your necktie after that you can dazzle him or her with your Voodoo power. Dig into your toolbox of clairs and use the one best suited for the occasion. Will it be your clairvoyance tool, in being to see a bit of what this person is like and how they will fit into your life – personal or business? Will it be your clairaudience tool, are you able to hear a secret or hidden message underlining in the conversation that you are having that will reveal an answer to a burning question you have had? Will it be your clairsentience tool, when you shake hands with this person, what are you feeling from their energy being projected in the handshake? Can you trust them? Will they be an ally or foe? Will it be your claircognizance tool in which you just know what you know about the situation at hand – good or not so great?

Perhaps a few of your tools will be used at once. Either way, pay attention to the details, act upon the information you receive and relish in the abundance of a new friendship, new business deal, new romantic partner, and etcetera.

Teach Them Well

Teach Them Well


September brings for us parents mixed feelings as we send our children to school. As for myself, there are many new feelings this September. My youngest son is off to high school and my oldest son is attending university.

How does this relate to gut instincts, Voodoo power and intuition? Very easily…. I could only hope that all the prep work that I did as their highly intuitive mother will prepare them well enough to follow and continue to flex their own intuitive muscles.

In high school, no doubt that my youngest son will encounter situations that he did not in the elementary years. In university, in a different town, across an ocean, on an island my oldest son will definitely be faced with trusting his gut even more now that he is on his own for the very first time in his life! He is pursuing his dream career by embarking on post-secondary courses that will lead him to fulfilling that dream. My middle son will continue on with his journey as he moves up a year in high school and will soon be faced with making career decisions and choices. Which courses shall he take this year that will guide him in his career path? Does he even know which path that will be yet? Unlike his two brothers, he has not quite figured it out and that is just fine. I know that his inner voice will speak clearly to him and will show him his destined path when the time is right.

Despite my anxiety, I know that all three of my boys are well equipped “intuitively” to make the necessary choices. Their Voodoo Shit has not failed them thus far, why would it now? It will only seem to fail them, if they chose to not listen, pay attention or act upon their intuition. So Voodoo On Boys and to you pass along your Voodoo knowledge to your children too!

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