Hot & Sweaty

I have recently started a Hot Yoga practice. Six years ago, I started my practice in a yoga studio to meet people and get out of the house. After going to the same studio for about one year, I started working full-time and I found it difficult to incorporate my yoga practice into my daily routine. At the time, I was working with a business coach (since I wanted to get my biz started); she recommended that I get a DVD set and do yoga at home. What a fabulous idea – I thought! In the comfort in of my living room, anytime I wanted, I did yoga. Yet, one thing was missing…. The people and the connection.

After a quiet meditation in Shavasana pose, I realized that I missed the energy in the room of people with a common goal. One month ago, my friend invited me to her yoga class and I knew it was time to return to a studio. I bought the special they offered (not knowing it was Hot Yoga) and I was committed to 20 classes. When I walked into the studio, it felt like a sauna. Turning to my friend, I gasped and exclaimed: “This is Hot Yoga?!” Her reply: “Oh yeah, didn’t I tell you?”, laughing.

What I discovered in a span of 90 minutes is that I loved and hated Hot Yoga! It is definitely very different from any other yoga that I have practiced. Since I was well versed in many of the positions and quick flexible, I found the poses, relatively easy. Add to the mix, the heat, holding, sweating, cursing under your breath, the love/hate relationship, the sweat dripping in your eyes, the breathing and you’re golden! I have also found that over time, each pose got easier, my body moved in ways I didn’t realize it would and to always be gentle with yourself. Your body will tell you when it is ready to make its move into the full pose.

I challenge or shall I say, invite you to change up your routine – just a bit. Whatever it is that you do to keep your body, mind and soul healthy, challenge yourself to the next level.

Today, I am on day 8 of 20 and today, I love my Hot Yoga teacher!

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