The Last 10 Pounds

Shedding the last 10 pounds can be dreadful! Here are 3 great tips and tools to eliminating those last few pounds and how to not obsess about your weight.

#1 – Lose the scale, hide it, smash it, get rid of it! This may seem counter-intuitive yet believe me it works. When you are not weighing yourself each day, you tend to focus on other items rather than your weight. Sub-consciously if you are jumping on the scale every day, every week, you are obsessing on losing the weight thus making it almost impossible to shed it. Occupy your thoughts with eating well, exercising, and positive affirmations such as: “I am healthy, I am active, I am in great, optimal health”. You will soon find that as your health improves, your whole life improves including your gut instincts, your Voodoo power. Let your clothes be the judge. If your favourite jeans fit you, then you’re golden! If your dress pants are too tight, then shed a few pounds.

#2 – Exercise at least three to five times a week and mix it up! Exercise has so many benefits to creating a better you. It has been proven to can reduce cancers such as colon by 30-50% regardless of your genetic make up. By mixing up your exercise routine, you tend to not get bored and you stay motivated to exercise on. Try strength training to increase muscle mass; aerobic type of exercise such as jogging, cycling, tennis, or walking to increase your cardiovascular health; and incorporate flexibility in the form of yoga or Pilates to reduce injuries. Allow your Voodoo power to guide you on the type of exercise your body needs for that day or week. Also remember, to Not beat yourself up if one week you didn’t reach your exercise goal. The key is to remain as consistent as possible and forgiving when necessary. So go put on your track gear and run your little heart out.

#3 – Eat your fruit and veggies, even the kale and brussel sprouts! On average, you should be eating 7-13 servings a day of a rainbow of colours of fruits and veggies. I am certain that you are not. If you are an athlete, those portions increase to 16-18 servings a day, every single day! How many of you are eating all of those fruit and veggies? I know for myself as a vegetarian, I even find it a challenge to eat those servings every day. Plant based nutrition has been proven to reduce oxidative stress that cause major chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer, arthritis and the list goes on. An average of 8+ fruit and veggies a day will lower your chances of having a heart attack by 22% so why not grab that apple rather than a donut. I invite you to allow your gut (figuratively and intuitively) to guide your food choices in order to help you shed those dreaded last pounds.

Bottom line boys, exercise combined with a diet rich in plant based nutrition found in fruit and veggies are key to successfully remaining in optimal, whole health. Live on and Juice+!

Check out this short video from Dr. David Phillips who speaks on the benefits of incorporating fruit and veggies in your diet to improve your performance.
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