Do It With a #Hashtag À la Jimmy & Justin

The first time I heard the word #hashtag, I responded: “What, you mean number sign, right?” “No mom, I mean #hashtag!” replied my youngest son. So off to the computer I go to search this new word. These are some of my findings: found most often in blogging, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; acts as a search engine of some type where what you have “#hashtaged” will return and be linked to subject. In the world of Twitter, the #hashtag will appear in trending topics. In other settings, #hashtags can create humour, a buzz around a subject or express other meanings.

So in this day of advanced technology, my gut instincts are telling me to embrace this newfound word that has been entered in the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014 due to its popularity. Like many of you my age or older, we are not quite certain exactly how to use this #hashtag. I have decided to start playing around with it and noticing what others are #hashtagging. Check your social media feeds from Facebook or Twitter and see what your friends are doing with their #hashtags. Click on a #hashtag and follow its trail. All trails lead to something to be discovered. Have fun with #hashtags, use them to express yourself and make up new ones.

I have found this wonderfully funny video to help you decipher the message behind the #hashtag, hope you enjoy it! #VSFM, #Voodoopower, #intuition, #gutinstincts, #technologyisfun, #toomany, #notenough, #rightisthecorrectamount, #what, #LOL, #jimmyfallon, #justintimberlake