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What is Your Superpower?

What is your Superpower? Do you have a bit of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man or Wolverine in you? Have you ever wondered how you can flex your intuitive muscle? Many of you have different types of superpowers yet have you ever thought of your intuition as one? All of these superheros have an intuitive muscle they use all the time. Intuition doesn’t only belong to women – so guys, flex those muscles and discover your inner Superhero Icon! In the Best Selling book: “Voodoo Shit for Men, Flex Your Intuitive Muscle”, or by working one-on-one with Michèle, you can easily discover what is yours.

Through clients’ stories, my three sons’ perspective and my husband’s transformation, I have been able to develop a language in which you, the men can understand intuition and how it can work to your advantage in your business and personal life. By using Superhero analogies and a toolbox, I have explained how your gut instincts work, how you receive your guidance through your spidey-senses, your inner Voodoo power. There are four (4) major “clairs” that I term in which your intuition communicates to you each and every day.

Some of you may doubt the information that you are gathering and I don’t doubt that you will doubt. Have no fear; I provide tips, tools and exercises that can be integrated into your daily life so you can fine-tune those intuitive muscles. The book “Voodoo Shit for Men” or a private session with Michèle, is your gym! Refer to it often, re-read certain chapters, use the journal notes to your advantage and most important try every exercise.

Please join me in a four (4) month commitment in the “Flex Gym” so you can discover your Superpower today that will influence and change your live forever! Book your session today by emailing me at and receive a free copy of the Best Selling book, “Voodoo Shit for Men, Flex Your Intuitive Muscle.”

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Why be Ordinary – Strive to be Extraordinary!

Be the unique man you are meant to be and start with your necktie. There are so many men out there who always wear their necktie in the same knot as everyone else. Why not be different. Show your stripes, your colours, allow your instincts to take hold and tie a unique and extraordinary necktie.

My favourite knot is the Eldredge. My oldest son, Ross tried this knot for his prom and graduation that just passed. Let me tell you, the boy got noticed! He received more compliments on his necktie than some of the girls received on their dresses. He knew he wanted a difference knot for his necktie that was visually appealing, different, and extraordinary! He took time to practice in the mirror days ahead of time while following the you-tube video (I have attached the link for you too). In the end, Ross made an impression with everyone around him.

How does this relate to your Voodoo power, your gut instincts, your spidey-senses, you ask? Simply put, everyone will notice your uniqueness in your necktie after that you can dazzle him or her with your Voodoo power. Dig into your toolbox of clairs and use the one best suited for the occasion. Will it be your clairvoyance tool, in being to see a bit of what this person is like and how they will fit into your life – personal or business? Will it be your clairaudience tool, are you able to hear a secret or hidden message underlining in the conversation that you are having that will reveal an answer to a burning question you have had? Will it be your clairsentience tool, when you shake hands with this person, what are you feeling from their energy being projected in the handshake? Can you trust them? Will they be an ally or foe? Will it be your claircognizance tool in which you just know what you know about the situation at hand – good or not so great?

Perhaps a few of your tools will be used at once. Either way, pay attention to the details, act upon the information you receive and relish in the abundance of a new friendship, new business deal, new romantic partner, and etcetera.