Services by Michèle

To Join Our Flex Community, try one of Michèle’s services.

Intuitive Muscle (I.M.) Mentoring – In a four (4) month commitment, learn to ignite your Voodoo Power, spark your gut instincts, increase your X-ray vision, pay attention to your bionic ear in highly charged scenarios or smooth sailing in your business and personal life to gain clarity during career transitions, finances, relationships, health and life purpose with your very own Personal Intuitive Trainer – Michèle. The sessions are done in a private setting where you can “Flex It” all you want and any which way you want. Bonus gift – you will receive signed copy of the Best Selling book – “Voodoo Shit for Men, Flex Your Intuitive Muscle.”

Reiki On – A 60 minute hands-off energetic body massage & deep relaxation to reduce your overload of stress, increase your productivity and creativity. Packages of 3 or 5 are also available. Check with your health care provider if Reiki is a service they cover. Want to learn how to practice the Art of Reiki, hire Michèle as your Certified Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. Level 1 – Self-Healing – because it always starts with you! Level 2 – Practitioner – want to pass along your gift and earn some money. Level 3 – Master-Teacher – have a passion for teaching others then join me in teaching the Healing Art of Reiki.


Zen Out – Through a series of meditation and relaxation practices to calm your mind, relieve physical tension, increase your focus, creativity & productivity and sleep better. Meditation series available soon via Youtube. Stay tuned!

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