Michèle Bisson-Somerville is a mother of 3 sons and began her corporate career in the Operations Department as a Field Consultant with Dairy Queen Canada Inc., shortly after graduating with a degree in Political Science in her early twenties. She was awarded “Manager of the Month and Year” due to her expertise in establishing national training programs, developing business plans, managing a portfolio of franchisees with an annual sales of $850,000+, generating annual sales of over $1.3 million per store, and on-going store operation consultations.

She continued to build her business acumen as a manager and trainer at Blockbuster Video Canada. During this time, she turned almost bankrupt stores into multi-million dollar establishments, once again earning her awards such “Manager of the Quarter and Year”.

At the same time, Michèle Bisson-Somerville lived with a secret identity of having an extremely flexed intuitive muscle. She decided to start using her skills by training as a Reiki Master-Teacher and attending intuitive workshops. Having achieved her goals in the corporate world, she returned to school to earn a Bachelor of Education and taught in one of Ontario’s largest Francophone school districts. After teaching for one year, she moved with her husband and 3 sons to Vancouver, British Columbia, where her gut instincts guided her to start her own business called Spiritual Ventures, which mentors men in flexing their intuitive muscles.

Knowing for quite some time she was meant to write a book, maybe three, it wasn’t until recently that she decided that now was the time to share a bit of her story, her clients’ transformations, insights from her three sons and her husband’s journey in her book, “Voodoo Shit For Men-Flex Your Intuitive Muscle”.

Four men

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