We all have Voodoo power within us.

I have recently seen the newest sci-fi action movie called “Lucy” with my family. Being surrounded by boys and men my whole life and now a mom of three boys, I don’t often get the chance to watch a chick flick. In my household, sci-fi action movies take precedence over any other genre.

Lucy is an average young adult living in Taiwan and is tricked into becoming a drug mule for her boyfriend. She discovers a bag of a drug called CPH4 has been placed in her stomach and is broken during an assault. The drug is then released into her system and her Voodoo powers are intensified to the 100th degree. Essentially, this drug expands Lucy brain capacity to work at 100% and allows her intuitive powers to magnify. She feels everything around her if she chooses to, using her clairsentience tool. Lucy sees into the past, future and present of what the world was like, will be and continues to be, using her clairvoyance. She hears other people’s thoughts, using her clairaudience and finally she uses her claircognizance to pass along her knowledge to the team of doctors.

We all have a bit of Lucy within us, harness that power, use it, flex it, own it. Experiment with your different tools, your senses, your intuition and become part of all that is, knowing you too can BE EVERYWHERE!


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